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Plains Style Arrows jpg The hunters and warriors of the Great Plains were excellent archers. When most of us think of North American Indians we think of bows and arrows.

Our Plains Indian style arrows are made on hand carved shafts, lashed and fletched with natural animal sinew and reinforced with animal hide glues. We offer arrows with points of hand flaked stone, buffalo bone, or with the mild steel trade style points most often used during the 1800's. These arrows are painted with natural stains and ochres, and are antiqued to look OLD.

They are perfect for wall mounting, singly or in crossed pairs, are attractive framed or as companions to a full set of Plains archery tackle. Approximately 26 inches long, with blue, and/or red crestmarks under the feathers........$40.00 US.

stone points18K bytesbone points17K bytesmetal points13K bytes

The stone points we use on our arrows are especially nice, many showing intricate notches or parallel flaking. We have sold hundreds of these arrows to galleries and dealers, and they remain one of our most popular products.

Plains flatbows jpg Our replica Plains style flatbows are made of Osage Orange or Acacia (locust), are 42 to 50 inches long, and are hand worked with drawknife, following a single growth ring on the back of the bow.

The Osage Orange tree, native to a small area of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, yields a bright canary yellow wood of uncommon resilience, while the Acacia or Black Locust has a greenish brown wood that is very fast-shooting.

Our bows are decorated with the same muted colors we use for our arrows, and also have tassles of horsehair, fur wraps, and trade cloth or beads to liven up the handle area. Like all of our Plains replicas, our bows are antiqued to look OLD. These bows are intended to be used as decorator and collector pieces, but we are sure they would work in a pinch. Complete with twisted animal gut string............$120.00 US.

The Plains Style Lance was always an important part of the weapons arsenal. Early in prehistory, the lance was a stone tipped weapon, most likely with a hardwood or bone foreshaft to make changing points easy and to avoid having to carry another heavy shaft as backup. When steel trade blades or broken swords from the Spanish or cavalry replaced the traditional stone, the lance became a very durable item. Lances were primarily thrusting weapons, and were often used from horseback. They varied in length from a reported 14 foot model used by the Comanches to a more normal six foot.

Our replica Plains style lance is six feet long, wrapped in smoked elk hide, red trade cloth and ribbons and accented with animal fur. All of our lances come with either hand painted eagle feather simulations or a horsehair tassle . The mild steel blade is made to resemble a hammered out sword blade. A striking decorator piece...........$135.00 US

Stone Tomahawks jpg50.7 K bytes

The stone bladed tomahawk or war hawk survived late into the 1800s. Ours are made with smoked elk hide, Osage Orange handles, brass tacks, ribbons, horsehair and trade cloth. We antique these heavily and try to make them statements of simple grace. 25 to 35 inches long......................$110 US

Antler Handled Knife jpg31.1 K bytes

Knives are a primitive tool we have not outgrown, though people long ago replaced the stone blade with bronze, then steel.

Buffalo Jaw Knife jpgjpeg 12.8 K bytesmore knivesjpeg 23.4 K bytes

Most primitives likely did not go to the trouble of hafting a knife, since a fresh stone flake is as sharp as a razor and easy to replace, but our stone bladed knives are designed to be reminders of how well an ancient stone knife could be constructed.

Our knives feature novaculite (flint) blades, handles of mule deer antler or buffalo jaw bone, hafting of natural gut or rawhide and some come with fine line engravings like the vulture knife above left. Most have encrustations of "stone" still lodged in the recesses of the handle. Made to look as if they were picked up from the floor of some cave then handled to a mellow polish.................$80.00 to $200.00 US.

Fluted Point jpgNative Way offers a variety of stone points for the collector. Most of our arrow, dart and spear points are far finer than the average artifact, because frankly we have found that the average collector is more interested in excellence than in authenticity.

Our points range from small gem arrow points from 1" in length to 4" parallel flaked lance blades of the paleo styles, to larger spearheads that are closer to actual artifact examples. Individual prices range from less than $20 for fine small jewelry grade arrow points, to $12.00 per inch for parallel flaked blades, to $20.00 per inch for the finest fluted points.

We have generally only sold loose stonework as wholesale lots, but the prospective buyer is encouraged to email us for a current availablitiy and price quote. Wholesale lots usually include a mix of styles, but can be somewhat tailored to the needs of the buyer.

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