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Our kits will produce some fine collectibles but are even more valuable as adult level courses in the ancient skills. They are perfect for the individual or for group projects. All are designed to be usable with a minimum of tools. Our knife kits have pre-grooved handles and our arrow kit can be completed with only the use of a sharp knife and a suitable container to melt the hide glue .

BASIC FLINTKNAPPING KIT - An easy entry into the basics of flintknapping. Includes medium antler billet, copper tipped pressure flaker, leather pad, abrading stone and two pounds of selected knapping stone as well as an 8 page instruction packet. Hundreds sold......$25.00 ea

HAFTED STONE KNIFE KIT - Includes finished stone blade, antler or Osage Orange wood handle stock, hafting material, animal hide glue and instruction sheet. Makes a good example of a primitive stone knife and provides introduction in the basics of using hide glue and hafting materials. Hundreds sold. No two exactly alike.

STONE KNIFE KIT, antler handle.......$25.00/ea

STONE KNIFE KIT, wood handle.......$22.00/ea

DELUXE STONE KNIFE KIT, larger blade, antler handle......$35.00/ea


- This kit contains antler handle stock, large mild steel hand forged blade, hafting material, natural hide glue and instructions to make a frontier style primitive knife of the fur trade era style........$20.00/ea

Arrow Kit

GREAT PLAINS INDIAN STYLE ARROW KIT - The easiest way we've seen to learn about the manufacture of primitive arrows. Includes arrow shaft stock, turkey wing feathers, metal trade style point, animal hide glue, ochre pigments, natural animal sinew and a 21 page instruction booklet. Hundreds sold. This booklet details how we produce our gallery grade specimen arrows.

ARROW KIT...................$9.95/ea



Steel striker, flint, instructions and charcloth and jute kindling in a can that will let you make more charcloth. Demonstations using this kit are a favorite with young and old -- there is something magical about making fire more primitve than with a bic.

Strike-A-Lite............................$17.00 (1 lb ship weight)

Deluxe Kit

DELUXE STRIKE A LITE KIT -- More and better of the same items as in the standard kit. Large curled striker, double the flint spalls, a braid of jute, charcloth and instruction come in a can designed to process larger quantities of charcloth for future fires. An easy, fun process -- if you have never seen it you should buy a kit and impress someone.

Deluxe Strike-A-Lite Flint and Steel Firemaking Kit ........$21.00 (1 lb shipping weight)

PRIMITIVE PAINTS AND PIGMENTS KIT - These materials are a must for the replicator that wants to produce fine Native American style tools and weapons. One ounce each of dull yellow, dull red, black magnetite, and one half ounce each of bright red, bright yellow and medium green powdered pigments along with granular hide glue binder and instructions. These pigments can be used with hide glue binder for colorfast fine lines or mixed with paste wax for antiquing and overall color accents. BASIC KIT...............$27.00/ea


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