Flintknapping, Kits and Primitive Weaponry Supplies

for educators, hobbyists, and park personel

We offer flint-like stones for flintknapping, flintknapping tools, books on flint knapping, pressure flakers, leather knee pads, deer and moose antler billets and an assortment of related items. Primitive weaponry is our focus and stone, bone and metal arrow points are our specialty. Native Way also offers seminars in flint knapping and ancient weaponry to qualifying sponsoring institutions.

While several individuals or companies offer flint for flintknapping, we offer graded and pre-heated Arkansas novaculite as our stone of choice. Novaculite is extremely consistent and knappable, but is a natural stone that looks and acts like fine chert. Park and museum personnel seem to like it for demonstrations and teaching. It is often credited with making them look like better flintknappers than they actually are, and students learn much faster with such a consistent material. Although this material is as knappable as obsidian, it does not tend to leave you bleeding as often as natural volcanic glass. Try a few pounds of our novaculite knapping stone and see how easy it can be.

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